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Mike Frank


Mike graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in the spring of 1989 with a BS in Managerial Economics, with a strong emphasis on engineering. At the time of his graduation, Mike was dating a freshman girl.

Upon graduation and with a desire to stay in Pittsburgh, Mike went to work for a regional moving company based in Pittsburgh. He started on a truck and eventually advanced to General Manager. When Mike's girlfriend graduated college in 1992, Mike followed her to her hometown of Miami, FL. Being an entrepreneur and needing to support himself, Mike convinced a friend to partner in some virtual reality arcade systems. With no place to place the machines, Mike designed his first mobile marketing trailer and began touring the machines. Mike spent 30 months on the road with his truck and trailer, attending special events and touring with some of the largest musical groups of the time, groups including the Allman Brothers, Phish, Blues Traveler, Kool & the Gang and many more.

Thanks to his need to “settle down” with his soon to be wife, Mike needed to get off the road. So Mike accepted a real job with the nation's largest college entertainment company in Grand Rapids, MI. His responsibility was to design new mobile attractions and convince corporate clients to sponsor them. After a successful 5 + year career and the birth of their first child, Mike and Ana made a difficult decision to leave Grand Rapids to return to South Florida. Mike and Ana decided to continue developing and building touring attractions for companies. Mike was fortunate to hit the ground running and was able to obtain several large corporate clients. He developed and toured some very successful promotional programs such as Truth. Truth as Florida's award winning, youth directed, Anti-Tobacco Program. This award winning program led to speaking engagement on both the national and international level. At the height of this movement, Mike's company performed work for over a dozen different state governments, spreading the anti-tobacco message. Mike loved imagining, designing, and building unique attractions. One such attraction was a mobile nightclub in 2004. Built from a repurposed ISO container, the nightclub, sponsored by Patron Tequilla for Rahal - Letterman Racing and Indy race car driver Scott Sharp, toured with the professional Indy Racing League for three seasons. Mike started to design more of these attractions out of Shipping Containers.

The concept of using Shipping Containers caught fire and almost every idea proposed was ultimately purchased by a customer. This success encouraged Mike to look at other applications for container construction. Mike pursued commercial customers and started to do fabrication work on containers for Mobile Storage Group and the US Government - primarily the Department of Defense.

Always looking at applications for container construction and modification, Mike became very intrigued by a growing company in Clearwater, FL named PODS Enterprises Inc. PODS was using a container product with residential customers. Mike thought this was a really good idea. For the first time a company took what was primarily a commercial product and had now adopted it to work in a residential setting. This creativity attracted Mike's attention. Upon further examination, although overall a great idea, the actual container and delivery system were not ideal. Mike saw a much better way to fabricate a stronger container and a simplier way to deliver it. The idea was to build a simpler and better 'mousetrap". Mike knew by applying his experience in the big container industry and applying such to the small container industry, he could perfect the "better mousetrap". Working with various vendors and other companies and after several years of experimentation and research, Mike came up with his version of the 16-foot residential mobile storage container and delivery system - a container on wheels was born.

Starting in August 2007 the COWS containers were sold into the self-storage community. After successfully selling hundreds of containers in the marketplace, enough feedback was heard that clearly indicated that COWS purchasers wanted more than great equipment; they wanted a marketing system and they wanted to be taught how to use the equipment to make money. Because of Mike's extensive experience in marketing and promotion, he understood the product not only needed to be functional, it needed to have great marketing associated with it. This realization lead to the creation of the COWS Dealership program. With now more than 70 Dealers and over 100 physical locations in the US, Canada and Australia, the COWS Dealership program is stampeding across the planet.

Mike and Ana have been married for 21 years and have four children, a girl and three boys.

Brian Beatty


Brian was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California. During high school he worked part time at LA Partyworks Interactive. LA Partyworks was one of the first companies in the country to offer interactive attractions for large scale events and private parties. Brian really enjoyed working part time for LA Partyworks and was happy to accept a full time position with the company when he graduated high school. Brian worked for LA Partyworks for over 7 years. During his employment, Brian worked and/or supervised major events at the Six Flag theme parks, private celebrity events, movie premieres and Grad Nite parties. Brian became Head Technician of all high tech attractions for LA Partyworks. Some of the most cutting edge attractions of the time were portable Laser Tag, Virtual Reality Systems and Motion Simulators - Brian became a master of all. He learned how to break them but more importantly he learned how to fix them in the field.

Brian was offered a job at Road Tours International. Road Tours created, built, staffed, and managed attractions that toured across North America. Brian capitalized on this opportunity and toured all over North America with the Virtuality Virtual Reality system and the Reactor, an 18-seat motion ride simulation theater. As Road Tours was based in Miami, FL he was required to relocate to beautiful Miami, FL.

After years of touring and being on the road, Brian evolved into Road Tours head in-house technician. He continued to work on and help build many other tours and events at Road Tours Intl. This included both high tech and low tech tours. Brian has witnessed first hand the evolution from Road Tours - building touring attractions into Shipping Container, to COWS.

Brian has worked for and received his MSCE certification (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and is also a Google Apps Certified Administrator. He has grown to handle anything that gets plugged in and needs power to run. This includes all computers, networks, machines, etc. Currently, Brian is in charge of all the IT infrastructure as well as in charge of COWS Tech support and all purchasing.

At 6'5" he is also in charge of reaching everything on the top shelf.

David Nathan

Vice President of Rectangles

After attending both Temple University and Clarion University, David returned to Philadelphia to join his father and form the father and son team of Nathan Photography and Video. At Nathan Photography and Video, David and his father have photographed more than a 1000 weddings and hundreds of corporate and social events.

In addition to taking pictures, David accepted a day job with MCI Telecommunications and worked as an Account Executive until 1996. His responsibilities at MCI involved selling long distance service to businesses door to door. He achieved President’s Club level sales (200% to plan) 32 out of 36 months. After MCI David became an intern and then Junior Account Executive at KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia for two years (1996-1998). In 1998 he dedicated his full time to Nathan Photography and Video. In 2007 David accepted a position with TrailPods. TrailPods was the company that perfected and brought to market the initial container on wheels.

In 2009 David accepted a relocation to sunny Miami, FL and became Sales Manager for COWS-USA. His responsibilities were to identify moving companies and self storage facilities to add COWS to their existing operations. As the COWS Dealership network grew, David was asked to head up the Dealer Growth Department. This was a new department formed to help support existing COWS Dealer and to help new COWS Dealers. David and his team of Dealership Goal Managers work with new COWS Dealers to make sure that they are on track to achieve or exceed their original growth and success goals while having fun doing so.

As Dealerships grow and gain momentum, David's team helps them successfully incorporate more and more containers with marketing programs specifically designed to make the entire process run smoooothly. David is now referred to the Vice President of Rectangles (COWS lingo for General Manager).

Gary Clark

Art/Marketing Director

Following his education at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Gary worked 13 years as an Art Director in several Miami advertising agencies. He spent another 16 years, self employed at Clark Advertising & Design. He is a skilled veteran in design and illustration.

Mike Frank was a client of Gary's for 10 years. After Gary designed the COWS logo, Mike presented his vision for the company. MIke wanted a designer on staff who could shape the look of COWS into a unique brand featuring extensive cartooning. Gary possesses a sense of humor essential to cartooning that would be a perfect match for the staff at COWS. Gary joined COWS full time in 2009.

Fiona Sabin

Accounting Manager

Fiona was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. She earned an Honours Bachelor Degree for Accounting and Finance at the Dublin Business School. In 2007, she moved to South Florida to marry her husband, John. From 2007 to 2012, she served as primary caregiver for her mother-in-law during a battle with Alzheimer's disease. Fiona joined the COWS Herd in 2013 and has been handling the bookkeeping tasks and administrative duties ever since.

Jim Lyon

Military and One Way Move Manager

Jim was born in upstate South Carolina in a small town named Laurens. He has a Mechanical Engineering Associate Degree from Greenville Technical College. His love and expertise for sales led him to Mercedes Benz. He won every conceivable sales award throughout his career with the company. He was transferred to Miami in 1994 where he served as Sales Manager for 6 years. In 2000, Jim took his salesmanship to a new industry...packaging systems. During his career as National Sales Director for a major packaging company, he became a vendor to COWS Corporate. After spending time at COWS, he started drinking the “milk” about how COWS is a fun place to work and he truly believed in the COWS trajectory - to become the moving industry standard for mobile storage containers. Jim decided to shift gears one more time and join the COWS Herd and lead the fast growing One Way Moving Department. Jim’s experience and ability to create and sustain relationships is a great addition to COWS.

Tom Stephens

Sales Director - Canada

Coming Soon.

Warehouse Staff

Ana Frank

Production Manager

Ana attended Carnegie Mellon University and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1992. Upon graduation Ana enrolled in the University of Miami and earned her Master's degree in Elementary Education in 1994. In late summer of 1994 Ana relocated with her husband to Grand Rapids, MI. Ana sought out and found a challenging position teaching at a low income inner city elementary school in Grand Rapids. After a 5 ½ year tenure, Ana, her husband and her two year old daughter returned to Miami, Florida. In 1999, Ana joined her husband as they started an event marketing and fabrication business. Ana's responsibilities over the years have included all facets of the business from human resources, to accounting, to oversight and supervision of manufacturing. It is the manufacturing piece where she found her permanent home. Ana, as Director of Operations, heads up COWS - USA's manufacturing facility. Her responsibilities include managing COWS' welders, fabricators, assemblers, in-house print shop, material vendors, production schedules, Dealer operational training, COWS Service Department and OSHA compliance required in a large scale facility. Ana has worked side by side with husband Mike in business for the last 16 years.

Charles Amador

Warehouse Manager - 1st Shift

Charles Amador has been with COWS since 2010. As floor manager, he can routinely be seen on the floor coordinating employees to do the welding, painting, printing, and kitting, and directing or training dealers for COW assemblies. Charlie and his wife Gabi have a beautiful son Benjamin. Charlie has lived in Miami since he was a little boy and loves raising his son here.

Taro Cassagnol

Warehouse Manager - 2nd Shift

Taro Cassagnol assumes the second shift alter ego to Charlie. He also assists in all procedures and process that make the container a COW. He loves to train new dealers. Working for COWS since 2012 Taro lives in Miami with his young daughter.

Alvaro Marchena

Welding and Fabrication Manager

Alvaro Marchena, COWS master welder, has been with the company since early 2012. Alvaro was involved with the redesign of the original COW in 2013. Working with Mike Frank, they created the COWlapsible, our present model. Alvaro lovesd to tinker. He spends time with his son most weekends tinkering with RC cars and building their own QuadCopters/Drones from scratch.

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