Get Your Business MOOOOvin'!

The COWS Dealership Program is a mobile storage / container business that is specifically designed to add onto your existing business. A COWS Dealership is an ideal addition for a Moving & Storage Company and a Self Storage Facility.

Why add COWS Mobile Storage to your business?

The answer - to make your company better! COWS wants to help you accomplish this goal. We will teach you how to use COWS containers and the COWS Brand and Marketing Programs to:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Make your company more efficient
  • Reach new types of customers
  • Grow your Core Business' market visibility
  • Eliminate your lactose intolerance
  • Stop losing customers to companies that offer mobile storage
  • Increase your internet traffic

What do you get when you become a COWS Dealer?

  • An exclusive territory
  • Use of the COWS Branding
  • A local herd of the cutest steel containers in the world
  • A COWS delivery trailer
  • Access to a herd of one-way moving COWS (ideal for one-way moving)
  • A dedicated Dealer Growth Manager - a COWS employee that manages your marketing and training
  • Monthly market training program design to generate Mooore business for you
  • An in-house Art Department
  • Big piles of marketing materials like sales flyers, postcards, business cards, give-aways, and much moooooooore

Curious about the equipment?

COWS containers are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. COWS containers are built out of steel and are built to last and be easy to use. The COWS containers were designed and engineered to work with our unique delivery trailer. The COWS trailer and your pickup truck are the only pieces of equipment you need to MOOOOOve COWS containers around town. No commercial vehicles or specialized personnel are required. The simplicity of our program has propelled COWS into one of the largest mobile storage companies in the world.

What does it take to be a COWS Dealer?

A modest investment is required to get involved with COWS. To find out more about the investment, to check if your territory is still available, to learn more about becoming a COWS Dealer, or to just hear bad COW jokes call us at 844-222-2697 to talk directly with a COWS dealership territory advisor. If you prefer you can fill out the form on the right and an advisor from COWS will reach out to you ASAP.

COWS Dealership Program

There are two ways to find out if your territory is still available.

  1. Call us at 844-222-2697
  2. Submit the form